• 64 Modbus/TCP Connections
  • Simple web base configuration
  • Informative device communication and status pages
  • Dual Ethernet Ports for daisy chaining network connections between multiple units
  • Advanced Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU functionality:
    • Up to 247 slave devices per gateway
    • No limit on number of devices per serial port
    • Automatic device location and message routing
  • Advanced Modbus/TCP to Raw/ASCII Functionality:
    • Modbus/TCP to serial and/or Ethernet TCP/IP
    • Maximum serial packet size of 1518 bytes
    • Maximum Ethernet TCP/IP packet size of 2048 bytes
    • True Peer-to-Peer Modbus/TCP messaging
    • RX and TX channels configured independently to Master or Slave.
    • Intelligent packet identification and handling.
    • DualConnectPlus technology